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Comics have been a media outlet for many for over fifty years. Youth and adult have enjoyed the combination of story and art that changes with each generation of comic readers. Comics Talk was created to share ideas about the industry and what it means to society today. The blend of art and stories make comics a unique media for young and old. No other medium of entertainment can claim fans from every walk of life and financial status. The evolution of comics has brought us to a point that mirrors society itself. With Comics Talk and Comic Book Cult our hope is to find the pulse of readers and enthusiasts and discover what direction we are going.

The Comic Convention
Or Comic Con

The Comic Con has become one of the great phenomenon of pop culture. People dress up in hand made costumes of fictional characters, meet celebrities, buy their favorite collectibles, and enjoy the comic book and entertainment media. Millions go through the doors to experience all things in the comic book world of excitement and more. Comic Cons

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